Grass Valley LDK8000 SportCam Hot

The LDK 8000 SportCam is the only slow-motion camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively, in multiple formats and frame rates. Using the same imaging and video processing technologies as our LDK 8000 multi-format HD camera, it offers 2x slow-motion acquisition at either 100 Hz or 119.88 Hz. And with three, Emmy® award-winning, next- generation 9.2 million pixel High Definition Dynamic Pixel Management (HD DPM+™) sensors, it's perfect for almost any OB or mobile truck application.

  • Multi-format support: 1080i or 720p
  • Unrivaled video sampling technology:-
    • Three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ CCDs-
    • 14-bit A/D sampling
  • Captures images at 2x speed, either 100 Hz or 119.88 Hz
  • Incredible detail from native HD acquisition
  • High-quality, simultaneous SD output available during HD recording
  • Same controls, look, and feel as LDK 8000 Standard and WorldCam cameras
  • One-button switch to LDK 8000 standard operation
  • Supports HD triax signal transmission
  • Supports third-party digital disk device for recording and storing HD images


Imager 3 x 2/3" 16:9 HD-DPM+ CCDs
Pixels 1920 x 1080
Sensitivity F10 typical (1080i mode)
S/N 60 dB typical
Power Consumption Triax or DC 12V; 44W incl. 2" viewfinder & Triax HD adapter

164mm(W) x 241mm(H) x 373mm(D) with Triax HD adapter


11 lbs (5.5 kg) incl. 2" viewfinder and Triax HD adapter

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