Telecast SHED HDX-PAN Print

Telecast Fiber Systems Expands HD Signal Transmission

Telecast Fiber Systems’ line of SHED (SMPTE Hybrid Elimination Device) and HDX power adaptor systems now support Panasonic’s line of high-definition broadcast studio cameras. The technology already works with Sony and Ikegami HD cameras.

Telecast’s SHED/HDX-PAN systems allow production crews using SMPTE fiber-ready Panasonic cameras to replace hybrid optical fiber/copper cabling with low-cost, single-mode fiber and to remotely power the cameras.

In addition to sports broadcasting, the devices can be used for remote studios, overcoming the distance limits of hybrid camera cables, and taking advantage of single-mode fiber infrastructures in existing venues.

The SHED and HDX units reduce the bulk and expense associated with hybrid cabling and extends the distance capabilities of signal transmission from the camera. In many applications, such as pre-fibered sports venues, a producer may want to use completely non-metallic optical fiber cables.

Each SHED system consists of two adapters that allow communication between the camera and base station via two single-mode fibers. On the base station side, the small SHED device connects between the camera’s CCU and two strands of standard single-mode fiber.

This unpowered, or “dry” fiber cable—either infrastructure or field-deployable “tactical” fiber—can be run several thousand feet to the HDX unit that is located near the camera location.

The mains-powered HDX connects to and provides power to the Panasonic camera via traditional SMPTE hybrid cable, with the capability for up to an additional one-thousand feet. The SHED/HDX combination can be used with Panasonic’s new line of cameras equipped with SMPTE hybrid connectors, including the AK-HC931B and AK-HC3500 models.

The adapters offer several options to power cameras. One may locally power a camera with its AC power supply or camera battery. Or, using the HDX unit, the camera can be powered through a hybrid cable. The HDX unit derives power from any AC mains source.

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